Frank Conrad

Frank Conrad

frank-conradGuitar - Drums - Electric Bass

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Frank Conrad II has been performing and teaching music in the Bay Area since the 1980s. He studied jazz with Terry Summa at Foothill College and jazz/song writing with Randy Masters at San Jose State University. Frank has been teaching guitar and electric bass for more than 20 years, and drums for about 9 years.

Frank’s first instrument as a kid was guitar, playing folk, rock, and blues. Frank got serious about music at age 19, studying theory and jazz in college, and finally classical guitar as an adult.

His approach with most students of the guitar is to start with modern music - “get them playing something that they recognize as music, keep them interested, then you can teach them anything.” Students of the electric bass need major key theory first, which takes them right into walking bass lines for blues and jazz. If you can play that, everything else will be easy. Drummers need to start with reading rhythm and stick control, then on to the drum set.

Besides his family, music is truly Frank’s greatest passion. Frank is co-founder and general partner of Hope Street Music Studios.

Frank Conrad and Student guitar-student

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